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Many business owners in Brooklyn don’t have the ability to be present at their place of at all times. Between businesses meetings, having more than one location, large office spaces and personal responsibilities it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time. With the right video surveillance system, owners of businesses in Brooklyn can monitor multiple locations at once – even remotely from your cell phone when the right equipment installed. Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms can help you protect your business in NYC Brooklyn 24/7. Contact Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms today for a free onsite security evaluation. Call Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms at (833) 360-0046 and get the best consultation from the experts of Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms.

Prevent Theft as well as Vandalism

A lot of companies in Brooklyn meet annoying problems with theft. Whether you own a grocery store, clothing store, a restaurant, hotel or a storage. If you have anything of value on your property, you are at risk of having it stolen. By installing surveillance cameras not only can you decrease theft from outside, but you can control internal theft (As well as many other things). The price of surveillance cameras will always provide more benefits than the costs incurred by theft. Commercial security cameras enable you to see if a suspicious event is in progress enabling you to alert the authorities before the problem escalates. Having a video surveillance system installed will allow you to help authorities identify suspects in case a theft or vandalism should occur; it can also help to identify false insurance claims made against your business.

Security Camera Installation Services in Brooklyn

Protect your Customers as Well as Employees

Finally, surveillance cameras can help protect both your clients and employees from situations that may arise including threats of physical threat, sexual harassment, workplace accidents, robberies, and potential accidents. Being able to monitor your business live allows you to catch potentially dangerous situations before they escalate.

At Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms, we understand the security issues faced by businesses in Brooklyn and how a quality security camera system can positively impact a business. Our Security Consultants can help you develop a comprehensive video surveillance and safety solution that meets your needs and that allow you as well as your employees and your clients to feel more secured. If you want to learn more about how Essential Security Systems & Fire Alarms can help your business, call us at (833) 360-0046 and meet with one of our experts who installed and serviced countless security systems in Brooklyn.

Security Camera Installation Brooklyn NYC

Surveillance cameras in Brooklyn serve as a bulwark against potential threats to both customers and employees. Whether it's physical altercations, sexual harassment, workplace accidents, robberies, or other precarious situations, live monitoring enables early intervention, preventing the escalation of issues.

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At Essential Security Systems, we comprehend the security challenges confronting businesses in the Brooklyn area code and acknowledge the positive impact of a robust security camera network. Our adept Security Consultants stand ready to devise comprehensive video surveillance and safety solutions tailored to your needs. These solutions foster a sense of security for you, your employees, and your clients. If you're eager to explore how Essential Security Systems can enhance your business security, dial (833) 360-0046 to schedule a consultation with one of our security system specialists in Brooklyn, well-versed in deploying and servicing numerous security systems in Brooklyn. Besides Brooklyn. We can service commercial and residential security systems and security cameras systems in the King County NYC area.

Camera Installation and Video Surveillance in Brooklyn


Whether your Brooklyn-based enterprise employs three or three hundred individuals, productivity can be augmented by conveying the message that surveillance is a constant. Employees understand they are being observed, promoting diligence and efficiency. The mere presence of visible security cameras motivates employees to perform their duties conscientiously, thereby optimizing workforce productivity. Moreover, these cameras ensure adherence to customer service standards, holding employees accountable across various facets of operations, from cash handling to safeguarding valuable assets. Count on Essential Security Systems of Brooklyn for the installation of high-resolution, high-capacity IP and HD security camera systems in the Brooklyn NYC. Surveillance cameras stand as tried-and-true tools for bolstering security, curbing losses due to vandalism, theft, and baseless liability claims. Recent trends also highlight their utility in management, enhancing planning, scheduling, and operational insight. As the market offers an array of technologies, from analog to IP systems, single site to multi-site configurations, Essential Security Systems is primed to supply and install systems for your most intricate projects. We are the answer to all your security needs in King County NYC. From security camera installation in Brooklyn New York, to intercom system install in Elizabeth NJ, our experts are ready for the task. We offer same day repair in King County New York for existing systems, and free consolation on new systems.

IP Security Camera Installation Services in Brooklyn

Security Cameras Company in Brooklyn New York

A dearth of cameras or security systems often lays the foundation for security concerns in residences and businesses in Brooklyn. With Essential Security Systems, you can access live camera feeds worldwide via smartphones or laptops. Our services in Brooklyn New York encompass round-the-clock monitoring from diverse angles, safeguarding your cherished spaces, even when you're not actively watching. Regardless of your business type, security cameras are an essential investment. Partner with Essential Security Systems to thwart theft, fend off fraudulent insurance claims, and monitor employee activities, ultimately enhancing overall business efficiency. In the contemporary landscape, not having a security system in Brooklyn in place is untenable, especially in locations where regulations mandate their presence. Surveillance cameras have redefined security norms for both businesses and commercial establishments in Brooklyn NYC. Industrial security cameras function as additional eyes, offering instant insights in times of crisis. Regardless of your business's size or nature, the benefits of a quality video surveillance camera system are multifaceted. Operating from the Brooklyn NYC, Essential Security Systems delivers comprehensive security solutions, often exceeding client expectations.

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The experts of Essential Security Systems install different security cameras in Brooklyn, it all depends on the needs. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems grant seamless video viewing, recording, and playback. Demonstrated to deter vandalism in King County NYC, thwart fraudulent claims, and minimize theft, these systems accommodate both analog and IP cameras. DVR and NVR systems are accessible via network or internet, facilitating remote viewing from various devices. This empowers you to oversee your premises in the Brooklyn area, whether residential or commercial, from any location. Built-in DVD burners and USB ports streamline video retrieval and storage. Whether you require a single camera setup, a complete system, or integration with other components, Essential Security Systems stands poised to fulfill your requirements.

Security Camera Company in Brooklyn

IP Security Camera Install Company in King County New York

In an increasingly interconnected world, ensuring the safety and security of your property has never been more crucial. Security camera systems in Brooklyn New York have become an indispensable tool for safeguarding homes, businesses, schools and public spaces. A well-planned security camera installation in Brooklyn can provide you with valuable insights, deter potential threats, and offer peace of mind. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the key steps and considerations for a successful security camera installation in King County New York.
Important: We do not recommend installing security cameras by DIY (Do It Yourself), as it can be dangerous and require knowledge in the security systems field. The best thing would be to hire a licensed security system expert that know security systems in Brooklyn New York and that can provide you with a professional installation).
1. When planning a new security camera installation - Assess Your Needs
Before you start installing security cameras, it's important to assess your specific security needs. Different places need different things, and security cameras are no different. A security camera that can be the perfect solution for a school in Brooklyn, might not be the perfect solution for a restaurant in Rockland County. Consider factors such as the size of the area you want to monitor, the level of detail you require, and whether you need indoor, outdoor, or both types of cameras. Identifying potential vulnerabilities and high-traffic areas will help you determine the optimal camera placement. Also, recently while servicing security systems in Brooklyn we noticed increase demand for the security cameras that allow night vision. So plan well before you start and get the best results that will improve the security level at your property.
2. When planning a new security camera installation - Choose the Right Cameras
Whether it is a school in King County NYC, or private home in Brooklyn, plan ahead. Selecting the right type of security cameras is crucial. There are various options available when searching for security camera installation in Brooklyn, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and more, and the experts of Essential Security Systems have them all. Each type has its own advantages and is suited for specific scenarios. Additionally, consider features such as resolution (measured in pixels), low-light performance, field of view, and whether the camera supports features like motion detection and night vision. And as we wrote in the previous paragraph, today you can find cameras that offer night vision and you can see amazingly day or night.
3. When planning a new security camera installation - Plan design a Camera Layout
The placement of your security cameras in Brooklyn significantly impacts their effectiveness. A thoughtfully designed camera layout should cover all entry points, blind spots, and areas of interest. Be sure to follow these principles when installing security cameras in Brooklyn New York:
•        Entry Points: Install cameras at all entrances, including doors, windows, and main entrances.
•        Perimeter: Cover the perimeter of your property to monitor for any unauthorized access. (Consider night vision cameras that became very popular in the Brooklyn area).
•        High-Traffic Areas: Place cameras in high-traffic areas such as hallways, corridors, and main gathering spots.
•        Vantage Points: Position cameras at vantage points for a clear view of large areas.
•        Consider Privacy: Respect privacy by avoiding camera placement in sensitive areas like bedrooms or bathrooms. (A trained security camera installer in Brooklyn should help you install the cameras in the right position)
4. Proper Camera Installation (We recommend using a licensed and experienced security camera installer in Brooklyn, as all the installers from Essential Security Systems are).

DIY Security Camera Installation VS Hiring a pro in Brooklyn

We will begin with the bottom line: We do not recommend installation a security camera by DIY, especially not commercial ones. We recommend hiring a local pro in Brooklyn to do it for you.
Now one might think we only say it as this is what we do and we are hoping to get more work. And the answer is NO, and we will explain why in the following paragraphs:

Security Camera Supplier in Brooklyn

  1. Installing security camera require Technical Expertise: Security camera systems – in Brooklyn, King County or anywhere else - can be complex, involving a variety of components such as cameras, cables, network connections, and recording devices. Professionals have the necessary technical expertise to assess your specific needs, recommend suitable equipment, and ensure proper installation. A slight misalignment or a faulty cable connection can render your security system ineffective, defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. Professionals are trained to address these technical challenges, minimizing the risk of errors. We know security systems in Brooklyn NYC, and we have been servicing them for over 25 years. We recommend consulting with a local security expert if you are not 1005 sure what you are doing.
  2. Legal and Ethical Concerns When Installing security camera in Brooklyn New York:

Installing security cameras in Brooklyn involves more than just technical know-how. There are legal and ethical considerations to take into account. Professional security companies in Brooklyn are well-versed in privacy laws and regulations surrounding security camera usage, ensuring that your installation complies with local, state, and federal guidelines (Sometimes even different Counties in Brooklyn might have different laws and guidelines). An improperly placed camera could inadvertently infringe upon your neighbors' privacy or violate laws, resulting in potential legal repercussions.

  1. Troubleshooting and Support When Installing security camera in Brooklyn NYC:

Even after the installation is complete, issues may arise with your security camera system. Professionals IN Brooklyn offer ongoing support and troubleshooting services to promptly address any technical glitches or malfunctions. Attempting to troubleshoot and fix problems on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating, potentially leaving your property vulnerable during downtime. So again, hiring a local expert, who know security systems in Brooklyn New York might be the wise thing to do.

There are more reasons why it is better to hire a local security system expert in Brooklyn rather than install the system on your own, and we chose to bring only a glimpse of the many reasons to do so.

Our Security Camera Installation Services in Brooklyn New York

We believe in quality. We night not be the cheapest company in Brooklyn, but we like to think that we are the best. When you incest in quality, you get quality in return, and when it comes to security systems in King County NYC, Quality is what makes the difference between a good security system, and amazing one.
From security camera installation in Brooklyn, through intercom installation in King County New York, to access control installation in The Bronx, the expert of Essential Security Systems are for you. With over 25 years of experience in security systems in Brooklyn, and with countless commercial and residential security systems in Brooklyn, we can say that we have it all. Our specialists have the knowledge, the tools and the experience to install any security system in King County NYC. We offer same day repair service as well as free estimate on new security system installation in Brooklyn. All you need to do is to get in touch with us on (833) 360-0046, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.
Even if you are not sure what exactly you need, we are always happy to share the knowledge we acquired over the years of servicing security systems in Brooklyn.


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